Breaking New Ground

Never has it been done before. Never before has there been a global web of Law Firms that has been created under the same name, same principles and criteria, but where each Firm retains its own local ’flavour’ and is able to exploit its knowledge of the domestic market for the benefit of the client. 


Our clients’ problems are solved with global tools, but using local criteria, arguments and lawyers.



Because being global is not the same as being international. It is the first time that a global Firm of lawyers has been created using a completely unique model, where the local takes priority over the international.





Global Firm

We are global because our partners in different countries have the same values and objectives. We work in a similar way, giving complete priority to solving the problems that we are entrusted with and keeping the client involved at every stage. We have the most developed and innovative technological tools that are presently in existence. Moreover, we share our corporate brand and property.

Local Spirit

We are the first global Firm where being local is the most important, our proximity to the market and to our clients. Where it is the people that come first, the professionals that are part of the Firm itself and not its multinational aspect. And where the client always clearly understands the costs involved, rather than the price increasing due to the ’international factor’. At Ontier, every firm, every partner in every country, is a legal expert that solves your problems like he or she has always done, therefore maintaining the prestige and the respect for which Ontier has been recognised for many years.


Therefore, we say that Ontier is the first global Firm with a local spirit.



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