APR 2012
The Law Firm Ramón Hermosilla presents its Global Brand ONTIER

The Law Firm Ramón Hermosilla presents its Global Brand ONTIER

Adolfo Suárez Illana, Partner at RHGR, will be Chairman of the new International Firm.

An artisan print his personal stamp on any of the works executed. The first idea that comes to mind when referring to this type of work is that of a Potter, a Basket Maker or a Goldsmith. But the concept is changing. Or that's what they want from the law firm Ramón Hermosilla & Gutiérrez de la Roza (RHGR) with the presentation of the new global brand called Ontier legal. 'We want to be artisans of law', says its first President and Partner of RHGR, Adolfo Suárez Illana.

The Madrid office leads the implementation of the international firm that integrates ten countries. In addition to Spain, Ontier law includes UK, Portugal, China, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Paraguay and Bolivia. Its slogan will be the first global firm with a local soul. 'The main focus will be the people; we want them to be great jurists in their geographical area and to be very close to their clients, to be attached to them', explains Suárez Illana.

Ontier´s kick off, of Spanish capital mostly, will be next Monday in Madrid. The leaders of the ten firms who embark on the adventure will held a convention in the capital. The official start is happening now, but all began years ago after other forms of internationalization were disregarded. 'With this model, each Firm is giving away some of their sovereignty and gets integrated into the brand in a very complete way: from the point of view of ownership; of client selection process; of conflict of interest and of quality checks; billing; collection and customer satisfaction, 'says its President.

Direct and personal touch, according to Suárez Illana, is the basic guideline of Ontier, born of the need to deepen the relationship with various law firms distributed across the world. 'If a customer has a conflict in another country it is not the same to refer him to an office that you know that one which has your own name. The trust will be greater in the second case 'says Suárez Illana. Consolidation is the first objective of the new conglomerate, although the experience allows them to look further and look out for growth from the beginning. United States, India and some African countries are in the centre stage of Ontier.

Ontier´s international Team is composed of 500 people, although it is expected that the new project will gradually expand the Team. 'We need to renew and we need new people,' says Suárez Illana. Ontier is being born on settled pillars and with all the confidence placed in a particular craft, 'Artisans of law'.

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