APR 2012
Ontier opened an International Law Firm in Oviedo

Ontier opened an International Law Firm in Oviedo

Plácido Arango presented a Law Firm, chaired by Adolfo Suárez Illana, with presence in ten countries.
Yesterday it was presented in Oviedo «what it could only be achieved when one works with the ilussion of an Artisan». With his tenacity. With its attention to detail and excellence. This is what it was tried to be conveyed by the drivers of international law firm Ontier, born with offices in Spain, China, UK, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Bolivia and Venezuela. Which is aiming to become 'the first global firm with a local soul.'
Surrounded by all its global partners and the biggest names in the Asturian legal world, its International Chairman, Adolfo Suárez Illana explained that the project, 'aims not only to offer our clients a solution based on legal science, but make them feel secure and confident. 'Something, you know, that can only be achieved at local level and to 'improve their ratios of competitiveness, security and diversity' in international markets.
The event, held at the Hotel de la Reconquista, was chaired by the President of the Royal Board of the Prado Museum, Plácido Arango, and it was also attended by their promoters and senior partners, Ramón Hermosilla and Bernardo Gutiérrez de la Roza natural from Oviedo . 'I feel very proud to celebrate this presentation in my city where I was born, studied and started my professional career,' said the lawyer. Asturians are also the origins of the son of former President Adolfo Suárez: 'We are in the land of our ancestors. Few know that my grandparents were from Pola de Lena. 'It was not the only reference that Ontier´s President made to a 'difficult' land. Neither the courage of its inhabitants, who left the Principality to undertake major companies abroad. Suárez Illana shared with the audience his intention to expand the company by the US and the Asian and African continents.
Earlier on, Ramón Hermosilla explained that Ontier is made of a group of Firms which all share the same ethics ' the service of the Spanish companies. And that justification is what has made this initiative '. In other words, he said: 'Our aim is simply to serve and continue to serve.' On this occasion, from flexible firms, endowed with independence 'but united by the same purpose. '
Among the more than 200 attendees were the President of Asturias, Francisco Álvarez-Cascos, Judge Augustine Azparren, the Deputy Mayor Jaime Reinares Oviedo, Gijón Councilman Rafael Forum Felgueroso ; President of the Asturian Federation of Employers, Severino Garcia Vigón, the CAC-Asprocon, Abilio Serafin Martinez and the Port Authority of Gijón, Emilio Menéndez.

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