FEB 2017
Agustín Azparren to join ONTIER
Agustín Azparren to join ONTIER Oviedo.

Agustín Azparren to join ONTIER

Agustín Azparren will develop the area of Mediation working from the Oviedo office.

He will join ONTIER on February 1st to develop the area of Mediation, working from the Oviedo office. Agustín Azparren will also join the Litigation team and carry out high-profile duties as well as take part in business development tasks in Spain and Oviedo, more specifically.

About Agustín Azparren

Born in Tenerife and settled in Asturias, Azparren previously worked as International Partner within the Consumer Law and EU Law Departments, as well as within the Mediation framework.

Azparren was appointed Judge in 1980 and Magistrate in 1983, as well as Public Prosecutor, but decided to take a leave of absence from said duties. He was President of the Association of European Judges for Mediation (GEMME Europe) and its Spanish division (GEMME Spain). Now he is President of the Asturian Institute for Mediation. He was also Senior Judge-Magistrate at the Oviedo Court and member of the General Council of the Judiciary, member of the International Relations Committee and the Disciplinary Committee. Azparren is also President of the Civic Platform for Legal Independence and member of the Board of the Alonso Martínez Institute for Justice and Litigation (Carlos III University of Madrid).

Now he combines Law with teaching, as a Professor in the MA in Mediation of the universities of Santiago de Compostela, Cádiz and Oviedo, and also of the bar associations of Oviedo, Murcia and Córdoba. He also taught lessons in the European University of Madrid and the Asturian School for Legal Practice. Azparren has published several technical articles and books on Community Law and Consumer Protection.

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