FEB 2017
Where should you Invest in LatAm?
Image source: Confilegal.

Where should you Invest in LatAm?

ONTIER Business Developer Carlos Caņas provides his insight in this article for Confilegal.

According to a survey carried out by Attitude Consulting at the end of 2016 among some of the law firms with the strongest presence in LatAm, the best countries to invest in are Chile, Colombia and Peru. The report is optimistic within LatAm overall excluding Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia. ONTIER Business Developer Carlos Cañas provides his insight in this article for Confilegal, where law firms like Baker&Makenzie and Roca Junyent also took part.

LatAm as an investment-friendly location

According to Carlos Cañas, as well as to Baker and Roca representatives, the most popular Latin American countries to invest in are Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. All these countries are aware that they need foreign investment to make their development projects come true. ''This last few years of political stability and reforms in LatAm have turned it into more of an investment-friendly environment. And due to large infrastructure and energy projects the area is also considered an investment hotspot now'', Cañas explains.

Finance, insurance, distribution, retail and tech lead the way

Finance and insurance are currently in the spotlight for investment. Transactions in insurance have increased substantially lately. Also foreign investment in distribution, retail and tech has significantly increased, coming mostly from Europe and North America.

However Carlos Cañas concludes that legal advice from experts on the details and peculiarities of each country is key to successfully approach every market: ''Depending on the client and the country you'll need to try a different method and jurisdiction and suggest the headquarters location that best suits the client. In order to provide quality legal advice it's key to assess the local market for the client''.

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