FEB 2017
Can We Stop Ticket Scalping?
Joaquín Muñoz, lawyer from the IT&IP Department at ONTIER.

Can We Stop Ticket Scalping?

Joaquín Muñoz, lawyer from the IT&IP Department at ONTIER Spain, answers for Capital Radio.

Joaquín Muñoz, lawyer from IT&IP at ONTIER Spain, talked about ticket scalping for Capital Radio. According to Joaquín Muñoz, these transactions turn out harmful for both the event organiser and the potential buyers. The event organisers have to deal with third parties getting benefits from their own business, and potential buyers can face the situation of getting their tickets cancelled or purchasing duplicate tickets.''

Joaquín Muñoz highlights that there's an act regulating ticket scalping, but only street ticket scalping. (Royal Decree 2816/82 of August 27, General Police Regulation for Public Shows and Leisure Activities). Ticket scalping websites hold on to this to protect their businesses.

The most harmful consequence for online ticket scalping is that tickets can be sold at really high prices, and therefore event organisers could start raising the original ticket price.

A possible solution is ''reducing the available time for the user to make business out of ticket scalping'', states Muñoz. He explains that in the USA the tickets arrive just a day before the show, so that there's only a really short time available for ticket scalping. Some other possibilities would be including the name of the purchaser in the ticket or outlawing ticket scalping completely (both street and online ticket scalping). However Joaquín Muñoz thinks that ''the short term solution can only come from entertainment industry' and he states that creativity is required for making up suitable solutions.

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