FEB 2017
Law Firms Keep Making Room for Non-Legal Professionals

Law Firms Keep Making Room for Non-Legal Professionals

Engineer, pharmacists, chemists, biologists... These are a few of the non-legal professionals that law firms are hiring, according to Expansión.

ONTIER is not an exception, since its team includes a naval engineer, an energy engineer, economists, business developers, journalists and even country managers.

ONTIER's philosophy makes room for non-legal professionals to join the company: ''ONTIER is a company rather than a law firm, and a company needs many different non-legal professionals to reach top efficiency'', explains Pedro Rodero, ONTIER Spain's Managing Partner.

How many non-legal professionals can you find at ONTIER?

Since the beginning of ONTIER, strategic advisers have been there to guarantee a proper financial management of the law firm, to take care of the development of its business model and of the internationalisation procedure. A naval engineer also joined ONTIER to work on the development of internal procedures.

ONTIER's presence in 14 countries turns country managers into a key asset. Country managers are multidisciplinary professionals who do not necessarily have a legal background. Their duties include organising, managing and administrating ONTIER's local offices, boost sales and business related tasks and take care of the ONTIER brand in every country we're present.

Business developers are also key within the ONTIER family. They support legal business and work on international strategy (assessing new markets and sectors, looking for new clients and boosting cross selling, among others).

At ONTIER you can also find specialised professionals, i.e. an Energy expert, since ONTIER is a leading legal services provider within the Energy sector.

Last but not least, there are journalists working at ONTIER as well. They keep you updated on the latest news regarding the firm and the legal sector and make it possible to get a more fluent internal and external communication.

Do you want to know about non-legal professionals working in other law firms? Check out this article by Expansión (ES).

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