MAY 2017
Business Opportunities and Challenges Facing Spanish IT Companies in Peru

Business Opportunities and Challenges Facing Spanish IT Companies in Peru

Joaquín Muñoz, IT Law Specialist and Head of IT&IP at ONTIER, joined the latest Ibero-America in Business Forum held on April 28. This session focused on the topic ”Peru: Investment Opportunities in IT.”

Joaquín Muñoz talked about challenges facing IT companies in Peru. He highlighted the country's needs in terms of bringing Internet access to rural residents, especially providing Internet access to mobile devices. Muñoz pointed out the current gap there is between city and rural residents to access audiovisual content. In that regard, Joaquín  Muñoz stated that 'the challenge here is bringing the digital services available in the city to the rural areas. There relies a strong business opportunity for Spanish companies.'

Providing the required technological means for the mining, agriculture and fishing sectors is definitely a further niche market for Spanish companies in Peru. According to Joaquín Muñoz, 'some key sectors can bring a wide range of investment opportunities to Spanish companies, because of the expertise said companies can provide as well as because of the demand that will arise as soon as more citizens and companies can access new technologies and digital equipment.' Muñoz highlighted the e-commerce, interactive mobile technologies and advertising-digital communications sectors.

A qualified workforce is required to address all these challenges. In that regard, Muñoz stated that 'Peruvian software engineers make a really competitive workforce.' Another participant of the forum, Bernardo Muñoz, Business Advisor at the Peruvian Embassy in Spain, agreed with him and stated that 'the IT sector itself is currently requiring around 16,000 specialists we don't have in the country.' He highlighted that it's Spanish companies which can bring the required know-how and means for IT development in the country. He defined Spanish investment in Peru as a 'win-win strategy'.

Regarding the energy sector, Bernardo Muñoz explained that about 50% of Peruvian energy comes from mining: 'We´re a mining country looking into the future, therefore there's a wide range of possibilities for both the renewable and unconventional energy resources'.

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