MAY 2017
The Future of Spain’s Renewable Energies Market
ONTIER Spain Engineer and Energy Specialist Eloy Márquez.

The Future of Spain’s Renewable Energies Market

ONTIER Engineer and Energy Specialist Eloy Márquez goes over renewable energies coming back in strong to the Spanish market in an article for prestigious Spanish economic daily Cinco Días.

According to Eloy Márquez, ever since renewable energies started to be boosted, related submarkets like the wind turbines market have been reinforced as well. Consequently an increased competitiveness arose among these markets, triggering a decrease in the generation costs.

The aforementioned decrease on the generation costs would make it possible for renewable energies to join the electric pool in the short term and under the same conditions as traditional energies.

From a financial point of view, renewable energies generation projects need to be large-scale in order ton reach a sustained profitability for the corresponding companies selling said energies to the pool. Bank funding is needed due to the significant investment these projects require.

Moreover, this type of funding requires banks to take merchant risks (merchant risks associated to the electric pool). However banks are experiencing a change of perspective regarding these kind of projects. However, if these projects finally start getting bank funding, a new scenario will arise boosting Spain's renewable energies market globally.

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