JUNE 2017
A Breakfast Seminar About the New GDPR Was Held at ONTIER UK

A Breakfast Seminar About the New GDPR Was Held at ONTIER UK

In the last session of our Brexit series, Yao Trinh, lawyer at the ONTIER UK Commercial Department, discussed the implications of the impending EU General Data Protection Regulation (”GDPR”) and what effects Brexit will have on the new legislation.

GDPR is an overhaul of existing data protection laws throughout the EU to bring legislation as a result of the significant use of personal data and the significant technological advancement over the past 20 years. Although the UK will be leaving the EU in 2019, it is anticipated that the GDPR will largely be unaffected as the UK Government has announced that it intends to adopt the new legislation in full and will remain in force post-Brexit subject to a few minor changes. With this in mind, it is important that organisations and businesses take the necessary steps to ensure that they will be compliant with the GDPR when it becomes law in May 2018 and going forward, to be aware of any changes that the UK Government proposes to the GDPR as a result of Brexit.

To complement the session, Haymarket Risk Management, a specialist consultancy which provides global services in fraud prevention, detection and investigation, risk mitigation and investigative due diligence offered an insight on how the GDPR will impact future fraud prevention, detection investigation and recovery activities. They also provided examples of the steps businesses should consider taking, in light of the GDPR, to prevent fraudulent activities as part of the overall business.

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