JUL 2017
ONTIER to Implement Two AI Systems: DigaLaw and Luminance

ONTIER to Implement Two AI Systems: DigaLaw and Luminance

According to Expansión, the legal sector is taking its first steps towards a 4.0 world. AI and big data are some of the key systems law firms are going for in order to save money and time. ONTIER is currently working on the implementation of two AI projects: DigaLaw and Luminance.

DigaLaw is a smart speech recognition system capable of transcribing records with an accuracy rate of 98%-99%, as well as of automatically formatting texts. This system will make it possible for us to save in transcription costs, to gain speed in document management and consequently reduce deadlines. DigaLaw was presented by SpeechWare at the Legal Tech event 2017, which is the largest IT exhibition within the legal sector, this time taking place in Nueva York.

Moreover, ONTIER is also working on the implementation of Luminance, a leading legal AI platform which provides a global and real-time insight on a company. This system will make it possible to reduce the time required for reviewing due diligence related contracts, since it can provide assistance in document analysis. The platform is capable of reading, interpreting and extracting key information from unstructured databases, which may turn especially useful in Corporate and Real Estate transactions.

Both systems will make it possible for ONTIER to gain efficiency and productivity by enabling lawyers to forget about mechanical tasks in order to focus on those tasks were a human lawyer can provide more added value to the client.


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