AUG 2017
Mind the step when sharing in social media
Image Source: Pixabay

Mind the step when sharing in social media

How is my activity in social media affecting my career? Can there really be consequences? These are some of the thoughts that ONTIER Madrid Labour Lawyers Luis Sánchez and Santiago Zamora wonder about in the article they drafted for El País, the Spanish daily, which they called ”Mind the step when sharing in social media”.
All the content we publish in social media becomes accessible for the public (especially if our profiles are open) and that can eventually have consequences in our career. There have even been several judgements delivered ruling on how to act when social media activity is provided as official evidence.
In this article for El País, Luis Sánchez and Santiago Zamora talk about a case 'which involved an employee who asked for a few days off for a move and then was spotted chilling peacefully in a stunning beach, via her Instagram. Plus she also bragged about having fooled her not so sharp boss.'
Regarding the legal implications of these cases, ONTIER lawyers recommend assessing the case carefully to determine if measures are required to be taken. They also note that every time we agree to have a public profile as a user, we’re allowing everyone (including the company’s owner) to reach and make use of the content we upload.
Lastly, after going over some of the latest judgements delivered in several district courts of Spain in the last few years, Luis Sánchez and Santiago Zamora conclude by highlighting that staying careful in the digital world is key, because 'we’re publicly exposing the offences we perform and that can eventually be detrimental.'

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