SEP 2017
The Status of eSports in Europe: Need for a Policy Response?
Joaquín Muñoz, Head of IT&IP at ONTIER Spain.

The Status of eSports in Europe: Need for a Policy Response?

On September 6th, Joaquín Muñoz, Head of IT&IP at ONTIER Madrid, will talk about the legal challenges related to eSports at the European Parliament.

The event will be held in Brussels, gathering major authorities within the sector, including Ian Smith, Integrity Commissioner en la European Sports Integrity Coalition; Javier Dorado, director de INJUGE; Virginie Rozière y Bogdan Wenta, vicepresidentes de Sports intergroup; Jan Pommer, Team and Federations Relations Director, ESI; Jurre Pannekeet, Head of the eSports Department at Newzoo; Alexander Muelle, SK Gaming CEO; y Matthew Barr, Lecturer at Glasgow University in the Humanities Advanced Technology & Information Institute.

About eSports

The e-Sports business is expected to mobilise around €600 million globally this year, which makes 41% more in comparison with the data reported last year. Spain places 9 in the e-Sports industry, as reported by Deloitte Consulting. However we still lack a proper regulation, but Spanish law firms are working on it.

The e-Sports sector doesn't quite differ from the traditional sports sector (athletes, teams, events…), however a specific regulation is required in order to guarantee the sector's legal and economic security.

ONTIER Spain Head of IT&IP Joaquín Muñoz states that 'it's not about overregulating the sector, but about making use of the existing legal tools and reaching an agreement.' And he notes that 'any activity having an economic and social impact should be regulated by a solid legal framework.'

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