SEP 2017
Fiorella Samhan, from ONTIER Peru, Talks about the Must-Know Tax Tips for Business Internationalisation
Fiorella Samhan, Tax Lawyer at ONTIER Peru.

Fiorella Samhan, from ONTIER Peru, Talks about the Must-Know Tax Tips for Business Internationalisation

Fiorella Samhan states that before going international you need to go over the tax requirements in force in the country of origin, and then assess the tax implications that the internationalisation process may have for the company.
Fiorella explains that learning the tax implications subject to commercial activities is key, and she notes that 'in that regard, you need to keep in mind the specific activities to be carried out and check if there are special tax requirements applicable.' She also recommends taking a look at the agreements signed by Peru with other countries in order to avoid a double tax burden.
Furthermore, Samhan also recommends assessing which is more convenient for you: going international as an exporting company, as a parent company or as a subsidiary company. 'If the company was established in Peru, you must pay taxes for everything you gain both inside the country and abroad to the national treasury. If you get established abroad, then you pay the relevant taxes to the treasury of the specific country. That's why doing some research on the market is a good idea' she explains.
It's also convenient to thoroughly assess the tax implications applicable to certain activities because there are some activities subject to excessive tax controls. That's why Fiorella noted that learning about the tax requirements for 'permanent venues' like offices, parent companies or subsidiary companies is not enough: you also need to learn about the tax and labour implications for employees working abroad or in different modalities while you keep taking care of the company image and the respect towards pre-established corporate guidelines.

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