APR 2018
Regulating e-Sports: In the Spotlight
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Regulating e-Sports: In the Spotlight


A few days ago the IE Law School of Madrid hosted a breakfast conference on e-Sports. The event was joined by Joaquín Muñoz, Head of IT&IP at ONTIER. The importance of this industry at an international level and the need for its regulation were some of the topics addressed in the event.

The e-Sports industry is certainly an audience-based business which is still unexploited. It's important to set rules, given the revenue it generates. However, Joaquín highlights the need to avoid the 'overregulation' of this immature industry. This translates into a continuous and rapid growth, which is why the regulations established could become obsolete. According to Joaquín Muñoz ,'the most valid option would be mixing the self-regulation existing with several specific 'arbitrations' for those situations implying 'imbalance' among the 'players'.

Moreover, some alternative options for the regulation of the sector would be self-regulation based on agreements between companies or also stablishing a total regulation that considers e-Sports as a type of sport. According to Joaquín Muñoz, 'the key will be the income that audience can generate.'

While we wait for this regulation, both amateur and professional competitions, videogames and gamers are juggling with the legislation.

For further information, you can check this article (SP only).

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