JUNE 2018
GDPR and the Right to Be Forgotten in Peru
Via Pixabay.

GDPR and the Right to Be Forgotten in Peru


A few days ago Antoni Bosch Pujol, Partner at ONTIER Peru, joined the Peruvian TV show Ampliación de Noticias to talk about the news brought by the new GDPR. The recent news about the Facebook case and the treatment of personal data of the users of this platform brought the GDPR into the spotlight. 

The first question that may arise in this regard is whether users of online platforms, websites and other social networks are protected from their personal data to be treated fraudulently. With regard to this question, Antoni Bosch points out that a law will not protect the information. He also points out that the new regulation will give users more control over their data.

According to Antoni Bosch, the most important thing is the right to self-determination towards information, that is, the right that citizens have to know the information companies are handling in relation to their data. Bosch also talked about the right to be forgotten, which is also becoming a hot topic because of the latest technological developments.

Last but not least, Antoni Bosch explains that this GDPR is applicable to those Peruvian companies that are processing data on European citizens both in Peru and in Europe.

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