AUG 2018
Challenges and Opportunities Facing Qualified Energy Suppliers in Mexico

Challenges and Opportunities Facing Qualified Energy Suppliers in Mexico


A few days ago Lorenzo Hernandez, Partner at ONTIER Mexico, joined a panel discussion organised by the Energy Commission of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Mexico addressing the challenges and opportunities facing qualified energy suppliers in Mexico.

This new concept was born with the Mexican energy reform and promotes the purchase and sale of energy through the electricity market. In addition, qualified energy suppliers allow project developers to sell their energy through long-term electricity contracts and to obtain the financing required for their projects, while providing large Mexican energy consumers with the sale of energy, power and clean energy certificates at more competitive prices, in comparison to those set by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

This new concept implies a need to inform the different market participants and allows greater creativity when structuring renewable energy projects. However, the sector still needs more time to fully understand this new concept.

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