OCT 2018
“Nueva Economía” Magazine in Bolivia Releases an Article about ONTIER
Via Pixabay.

“Nueva Economía” Magazine in Bolivia Releases an Article about ONTIER


Nueva Economía, a specialised magazine in Bolivia, just released an article about ONTIER. In the article, which they named 'Advising first level companies in the country', they go over the firm's background, international expansion, and also talk about ONTIER Bolivia. 

'The main purpose of ONTIER Bolivia is providing high quality legal services, which translate into safety and peace of mind for our clients' states Mauricio Saldaña, Managing Partner at ONTIER Bolivia.

The article highlights that ONTIER is characterised by being a multidisciplinary law firm. 'We are the only law firm of European origin in the country', points out Saldaña. 'What makes us a point of reference are our clients, since we advise many leading companies in their sector. We consider ourselves a partner of our clients, so giving them legal certainty makes us stand out,' he adds.

Mauricio Saldaña also highlighted the huge potential that Bolivia has in sectors such as infrastructure, energy, health, retail, pharmaceuticals and real estate, among others. 'The country's growth in recent years echoed in the rest of the world and international companies now want to be in Bolivia to develop their projects,' he summarises.

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